Why IEO’s are here to stay

If you haven’t already read our article explaining IEO’s you probably should and can do so here.

The Initial Exchange Offering is vying for position to become the dominant source of decentralized finance in the world of crypto and we here at IEO Magazine are confident that they have a bright future.

With Security Token Offerings changes working mainly in the favour of regulators the Initial Exchange Offering or IEO has much more to offer both investors and exchanges alike.

Those involved in projects can keep their focus firmly on the project at hand knowing that a lot of the legwork can be done by the exchange, they gain access to instant liquidity and receive a reputational boost from working through an exchange.

From an investor perspective, you get the added security of knowing that your chosen coin has passed all the requirements needed to be listed on an exchange.

So the Initial Exchange Offering appears to address more of the issues that plagued IEOs. The concept has the backing of some of the biggest names in crypto such as Binance. IEO’s appear only to be growing in momentum and are likely to be one of the buzzwords of the 2019 cryptosphere.

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