What is a Pre IEO sale event?

Initial Exchange Offering’s (IEO’s) are gaining major traction in 2019. But did you know that you don’t always have to wait for and IEO launch to invest. Many IEO startups have already held a round of fundraising.

Quite often the terms that are offered during the pre IEO stage are very attractive. The funds raised are generally used to facilitate the actual IEO which can be costly to projects as they strive to meet the requirements of their launch exchange.

Whilst buying tokens in a pre-sale event can come with increased risk attached this is reflected in the price of the tokens offered.

Most IEO’s so far have enjoyed significant gains on their launch day. Imagine being able to buy at say a 50% discount on the launch price. You could have the opportunity to flip your investment for an extraordinary return on investment in only a matter of weeks.

It is expected that the market for pre IEO sale events is set only to increase and as a result, those who take advantage of these pre-sales are expected to gain a significant first mover advantage.

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